Hello And Welcome to my new site. Unfortunately I'm not finding to much time to completely finish my website, but this site will be finished soon. Hope you enjoy my page, and if you have any questions regarding my services, you can contact me at: 818-270-1275


  • Free Consultation's
  • Best Customer Service
  • Quality Sound System with the best Sound Quality
  • No.1 Music Library with over 90,000 songs (Persian, Arabic, Assyrian, Armenian, American and more...)

Every event is different and needs to be customised to suit the occasion.
This is where DJ AZIZAM has personally adapted himself to over see every event from start to finish, Including meetings with clients to discuss their requirements & choice of music.
DJ AZIZAM is 100% committed to affordable, quality discos and live entertainement.






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Reliable, modern, trustworthy, high quality wedding reception DJ, mobile DJ & wedding DJ entertainment for your exclusive events.